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Issue 001 encapsulates the mission of The Optic: to showcase and provide a platform for the work of talented Brown University photographers.
This volume is formatted by collections that showcase at least three and up to fifteen photographs that tell a story or share a cohesive theme.
The Optic team has worked to collect and curate the highest-quality images from the university’s photographers throughout the fall semester.

Jake Srebnick

Annabel Zimmer

Lola Hakim

Alex Schupak

Mason Lane

Maxime Seknadje

Dori Walker

Katrina Wardhana

David Pinto

Beto Beveridge

Coco Jing

Coco Jing

Annabel Brainerd

Co-Founder and President:

Mason Lane Rudnick 

Co-Founder and Vice President: Natasha Joukowsky 

Chief Operating Officer:

Sidney Schwartz 

Managing Editor:

Luke Abramowitz 

Art Director:

Daniela Perez 


Curatorial Advisor:

Skye Alex Jackson 

Director of Website Design:

Maxime Raphael Seknadje 

Social Media Director:

Sam Merkle

Social Media Director:

Lena Nahas 

Director of Graphic Design:

Izzy Roth Dishy

Communications Director:

Elliott Stephanopoulos


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